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Anyone who loves skateboarding, Tony Hawks, was very entertaining, then Skate is your franchise for you. Realism is always a series of directing and the third part, Skate 3, is no exception. As a real sport, this game requires time and patience to wait for the complexity that awaits you, and the simplest tricks seem impossible at all. However, with tact and determination he is very grateful.

Skate world

Skate 3 FranchiseThe most important additionbased on the community. It promotes games all the time, encourages you to share photos, videos and personalized parks. Everything is shared and stored in the cloud because it allows users access whenever they want.

You can attend a single (theoretical) event in a center, compete with teams, and participate in friendly, government-friendly stories. All this is the goalIt is done with a single light: blurring the offlineand online border. SHARE it x86 It is not a mistake, like the free lonely playground, that no one else behaves only when one feels free, but above all the emergence of the experience of social gathering.

Skate 3 is available to all audiences. There are three difficulty levels that change the card challenges and skater skills to make jumping and tricks easier. So you know what kind of game you’re entering, the level of challenge for your needs should be.

simulationBalancing and accessibility

The franchise franchise franchise is incredible. The movement of the board is done with a correct analogous polygon while you control it. Move your turn to the left (the gamepad). Combo and tricks require the use of sticks with sticks, without moving the staff of olives down the right stick, and then down. The same depth applies to other tricks, such as more technical moves, such as a TrickUndthey are two who need a real retirement.

This level of weight and reward really raises Skate 3 as a simulation. This makes it very beneficial for manicures in the air, but just as it is photographed by controlling Tony Hawks video games.

Graphics Dream is really impressive for Skate 3. Although the world is wide, strong and varied, you will not be left. This can certainly be a fact of how the people of the world and not the environmental spirit of the worldIt’s as if most of the time is left to settle for the social online aspects that are thin on the ground.

Unfortunately, a great Spielwütiger is his camera. You will often find it difficult to find the right angle, the right place for the folding position, if your character is more difficult to control.

Take your skates

skate3 is a game for lovers of this sport. It offers an excellent simulation experience,the ability to naturally organize skate parks and social features of the city in the past, step by step But we can not overlook its negative aspects, such as lack of communication, camera issues and often a lonely online experience. Overall, Skate 3 improves and spreads the familiar gaming experience.


Skate 3

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